Indeed, whose name is the necessity of life is always increasing and often makes us dizzy around. Borrowing KTA funds is actually not wrong, it’s just that it’s wise to use it.

KTA should not be used for the following three things.

1. Down Payment (DP)

1. Down Payment (DP)

All-round sophisticated, want to buy expensive items such as houses, cars, motorcycles to gadgets can be paid in installments. Well, usually for those whose prices don’t mess around like cars and houses, there is such a thing as a down payment.

Do you really want to have a car to not lose your mind (Buy a car / otomania)

Want to really have a house or car but are confused because there are no funds at all for the DP? Don’t then take the KTA solution. Why? Can you imagine if you take KTA to be able to pay DP, it means there will be additional debt!

After paying the down payment there is an obligation to pay installments every month. Such as a house down payment of $ 50 million, meaning that we have a debt of $ 50 million to a KTA lender plus interest that must be paid regularly every month.

Remember, do not stop there. Additional monthly payments for cars or houses are also waiting. The time period is not even short. Are you sure you can afford to pay double installments every month for years?

2. Consumptive shopping

2. Consumptive shopping

Shopping for consumptive goods is not recommended, eh, why use KTA? Whose name is KTA, including debt obligation, must be repaid every month.

Shopping is okay but don’t use ‘hot money’ (Shopping / tribunnews)

Defend buying goods that are not needed, but just a desire alias just hungry eyes are something in vain. Useless. You know that KTA has interest, late fee fees and other responsibilities?

Yeah, I have good things, branded, so you can show off or just prestige. But remember, there is a KTA installment debt that is waiting to be repaid. It’s wiser not to force it to have a lifestyle that doesn’t fit the same financially.

3. Wedding party

3. Wedding party

Who doesn’t want a wedding to be held grandly and lively? Almost every prospective bride must have dreamed of that. But it is common knowledge that the name of a wedding requires a large fee.

Don’t let your marriage become the title of FTV “My Marriage Is Stopped by a KTA” isn’t that funny (Marriage Venue /

Many details must be prepared because they want to share happiness with many people. Starting from the reception building rental, food, souvenirs, photographer services, print invitations, to wedding dresses.

Especially Indonesia, the marriage involved a large family of the bride and groom. You can imagine the bigger the family, the more it costs. Deciding to take KTA for wedding expenses will only add to the burden in the future.

After marriage, don’t even stress about KTA debt repayments, instead of focusing on saving for a new family. Not to mention if there are mortgage or vehicle mortgage obligations. What if there are children later? The cost of raising a child is not small. See, there’s a lot of debt.

Unsecured Loans or commonly called KTA can indeed be one solution when you need extra funds. Its easy and fast compared to other types of loans, so the attraction is undeniable.

The awareness that KTA is a commitment and responsibility that is not playing games must be planted in the mind. When we can sort out and wisely manage debt, go ahead. Remember, the debt must be paid off!