Easy payday loans online -Research and then Request a cash advance loan online

Asking for urgent fast credits online is a fairly simple operation. It does not require a large investment of time and, in most cases, it can be done in less than five minutes. In the following article, we will talk about this whole process and how to do it.

The best thing is that before requesting one of these credits people have the notion of how to apply for them. That is why we have decided to make a summary with all the details about this operation, which many people have resorted to out of an economic predicament. Now, pay attention to everything we will describe.

Research and then Request a cash advance loan online

Before asking for fast credits, we must define what these are and what their advantages are. This is very important because before going for them we must have the greatest degree of knowledge about them thoroughly.

We can define online credits as financial products created to cover specific economic needs, such as a trip, a registration, an invoice and are characterized by the speed in their management.

The whole process that is done to ask for fast credits is done through the internet. This saves time, travel and endless paperwork that influences the comfort of the user who is going to ask for quick credits. In summary, the system is very agile, a basic form is filled in and in a few minutes, you will know if you will be assigned the requested amount.

Before making the application for a cash advance loan online, you can visit the Bridge-Payday website to learn more.

Ask for mini-credits

To request mini-credits on the Internet, you have to meet a series of requirements that are, in most cases, similar in the different financial entities that operate online. These requirements are very simple to record.

The procedures are not the same as when a traditional bank office is used because, among other things, it is not usually large amounts of money. By requesting mini-credits online we will obtain resources that move between 50 and 900 dollars. This makes the requirements minimal.

The requirements to request mini-credits are: to be of legal age, to be a legal resident of the country in which the lender operates, to have a bank account in your name and to provide a guarantee or payroll that is a guarantee of payment.

Order money online

To order money online there are several options in the financial market. The offer is quite varied and here we will talk a little about them.

Online mini-credits, also known as mini loans, are a financial product that is granted in a very short period of time, between 24 and 48 hours, although sometimes that time is reduced to only 15 minutes. The maximum amount, in most cases, is usually 900 dollars, and the return period, between 15 and 30 days. The interests of mini-credits are around 1% daily.

Instant personal loans, meanwhile, lend a larger amount, between 3,000 and 30,000 dollars. The procedure to request them, then, is usually delayed with respect to the previous ones, which has to do with the need for more paperwork and paperwork to prove solvency.

Other forms with which loans and loans are presented on the Internet are fast loans for freelancers, payroll advances or loans with asnef. With any of these options, you can order money online. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Money contact

If you are looking for contact money, you already have several tools at hand to request the loan or credit that suits you. It is important that, before requesting them, you evaluate your financial status well because the idea is not to damage your credit history with loans that you will not be able to repay on time.

Therefore, before making a decision, check if the expenses you have merited the online money request or not. This, without a doubt, is the best thing you can do before starting the entire online loan application process.

Student loans: how to use them?


Student loans can be a salvation for those who are studying and do not have enough resources to meet the expenses that arise.

If this is your case, we share some ideas on how to make good use of your loan when you are a student, so that this loan is a worthwhile investment in your future.

Pay your tuition with a student loan

Pay your tuition with a student loan

This is perhaps one of the most useful uses of student loans. Paying your tuition secures your place in the educational institution of your choice and allows you not to stop your studies, even if you do not have enough resources on the corresponding dates to pay the tuition.

There are those who request student loans to pay the entire tuition or who only need a part of the money to cover this expense.

Use your student loan to buy materials

Use your student loan to buy materials

There are professional careers, such as architecture, art or fashion, where materials are constantly required to purchase your projects.

We understand that there are times when you may not have the liquidity to buy them, in this case a student loan can help you out of trouble.

Buy the books you need

Buy the books you need

Although some schools have libraries where they can lend you books, there are certain bibliographies that you may not find there because they are very specialized, or you can be from people who prefer to buy their own books as an investment.

There are professional careers as medicine, where books are necessary throughout the race and these have a considerably high cost. In these cases, student loans can give you the liquidity to acquire the books you will need.

Being a not so high amount, it is better for you to apply for a loan online than to go to a bank: it is faster, it is safe and you can pay in the short term, without borrowing for a long time.

Cost a workshop, congress or course

Some universities and organizations carry out events such as workshops, congresses or courses that can serve as a complement to your professional preparation and also have curricular value.

If you are approaching an event that you would like to attend because it will help you in your training, but you do not have enough money to pay it, do not worry: there are entities that can offer you money loans instantly.

Finance a computer

Today, having a computer team is essential for any student, because you will need it throughout your career to do your homework or research. Investing in a computer equipment, is another good use that you can give your loan, because it is more practical and long term, cheaper than renting a computer for time.

Education more than an expense is an investment, since it will allow you to develop and open the doors to access better opportunities and thus have a better quality of life.

If there is any economic difficulty during your student stage it is important that you do not give up, there are always options that can help you finance your studies so that you do not abandon them.

The request is quick and without so many paperwork. You can request your loan from your cell phone in just a few minutes.

Payday loan – problem with paying off and going to work abroad !?

Hello, I fell into a spiral of debt, we have a problem with payday loans. Together with my husband we have payday loans for around 20,000, all payday loans are still valid, there is not a single day late. Unfortunately, we won’t get a loan in the bank to pay them back and we just want to pay them back normally.

My husband is going abroad next week to pay off this debt. How is this best done? Send letters asking to divide payday installments into installments? Pay back, for example, every little payday loan?


Payday loans – a problem with repayment

A very sober and apt decision to go abroad. I don’t know if you know, but I often advise my readers to go abroad to pay off their debts quickly!

I have a friend who had as many as 11 payday loans in various loan companies, earned a minimum national minimum job in Poland and could not make ends meet for anything, let alone get out of debt …

One day there was an opportunity to go to the Netherlands, for 3 months for seasonal work, it was May. At my persuasion, she abandoned this poorly paid job and went to work in the Netherlands, she was afraid, but she didn’t have many options.

She paid off her debt completely, after staying in the Netherlands for 2 months, of course, before she went there, we informed all loan companies about the whole situation so that they would not pay her debt to the debt collection company (some loans were already past due).

When a friend came back from the Netherlands, she had all 11 payday loans repaid + she still had a lot of Euro in her wallet. She found a new, better-paid job three months after returning from the Netherlands.

The friend’s situation is a very good example that sometimes it pays to risk it. Now that he has no debts at all, he has some savings on his bank account and a better paid job, he finally feels a happy and fulfilled woman.


Pay off your debts is a very good decision, respect for that

Pay off your debts is a very good decision, respect for that

Do as we did, inform banks or loan companies that your husband is leaving and in a month or two you will pay off all your debt at USD 20,000.

If the loan companies are snoozing that they will not wait a month or two for the money, then put into the account of this “groaning” loan company the installment that you can afford.

You must do everything to avoid debt recovery, because you know: who bears the costs of recovery? I keep my fingers crossed for you, I am convinced that you will be able to get out of debt for 100%. I have only a small request to you, do not borrow more, because then it is very easy to get into financial problems … it’s a shame to live, you have to live at a level we can afford …


Dividing the payday installments – formula

payday installments - formula

Dividing the payday loan into installments – application 10.00 USD – I am buying access to the design Click to pay or choose another pattern Added to cart.

Don’t Use Unsecured Loans for These 3 Things If You Don’t Want a Headache.

Indeed, whose name is the necessity of life is always increasing and often makes us dizzy around. Borrowing KTA funds is actually not wrong, it’s just that it’s wise to use it.

KTA should not be used for the following three things.

1. Down Payment (DP)

1. Down Payment (DP)

All-round sophisticated, want to buy expensive items such as houses, cars, motorcycles to gadgets can be paid in installments. Well, usually for those whose prices don’t mess around like cars and houses, there is such a thing as a down payment.

Do you really want to have a car to not lose your mind (Buy a car / otomania)

Want to really have a house or car but are confused because there are no funds at all for the DP? Don’t then take the KTA solution. Why? Can you imagine if you take KTA to be able to pay DP, it means there will be additional debt!

After paying the down payment there is an obligation to pay installments every month. Such as a house down payment of $ 50 million, meaning that we have a debt of $ 50 million to a KTA lender plus interest that must be paid regularly every month.

Remember, do not stop there. Additional monthly payments for cars or houses are also waiting. The time period is not even short. Are you sure you can afford to pay double installments every month for years?

2. Consumptive shopping

2. Consumptive shopping

Shopping for consumptive goods is not recommended, eh, why use KTA? Whose name is KTA, including debt obligation, must be repaid every month.

Shopping is okay but don’t use ‘hot money’ (Shopping / tribunnews)

Defend buying goods that are not needed, but just a desire alias just hungry eyes are something in vain. Useless. You know that KTA has interest, late fee fees and other responsibilities?

Yeah, I have good things, branded, so you can show off or just prestige. But remember, there is a KTA installment debt that is waiting to be repaid. It’s wiser not to force it to have a lifestyle that doesn’t fit the same financially.

3. Wedding party

3. Wedding party

Who doesn’t want a wedding to be held grandly and lively? Almost every prospective bride must have dreamed of that. But it is common knowledge that the name of a wedding requires a large fee.

Don’t let your marriage become the title of FTV “My Marriage Is Stopped by a KTA” isn’t that funny (Marriage Venue / cara.pro)

Many details must be prepared because they want to share happiness with many people. Starting from the reception building rental, food, souvenirs, photographer services, print invitations, to wedding dresses.

Especially Indonesia, the marriage involved a large family of the bride and groom. You can imagine the bigger the family, the more it costs. Deciding to take KTA for wedding expenses will only add to the burden in the future.

After marriage, don’t even stress about KTA debt repayments, instead of focusing on saving for a new family. Not to mention if there are mortgage or vehicle mortgage obligations. What if there are children later? The cost of raising a child is not small. See, there’s a lot of debt.

Unsecured Loans or commonly called KTA can indeed be one solution when you need extra funds. Its easy and fast compared to other types of loans, so the attraction is undeniable.

The awareness that KTA is a commitment and responsibility that is not playing games must be planted in the mind. When we can sort out and wisely manage debt, go ahead. Remember, the debt must be paid off!

Restoring Credit After Bankruptcy: Mistakes To Avoid

Whether you are an individual or a business, after going bankrupt, you may find yourself in great difficulty in going up the slope and rebuilding your credit. Even if most financial institutions refuse to grant you financing because of your bad credit history, do not give up, because solutions to rebuild your credit easily do exist. Now you just need to avoid some mistakes and be patient.


Bankruptcy Affects Credit

Bankruptcy Affects Credit

Personal bankruptcy is usually the last resort for a person who is experiencing serious financial difficulties that they can no longer cope with. It is a facilitating solution which however has significant negative consequences on the credit rating. Indeed, bankruptcy makes the credit rating at the lowest for six years if you do not take action to rebuild your credit rating.


Do not change your financial habits

financial loan

Because some bad habits or recurring oversights have led you to go bankrupt, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to miss your payment deadlines again. Indeed, if you want your credit rating to improve, you have to organize your payments so that you don’t miss a single one. Make sure you don’t fall behind on your electricity, phone, etc. bills. Also try to pay your bills and expenses like your rent at least three days before the payment deadline, as these are the little things that will make receivers like your landlord provide you with new good references. Not changing your habits would also mean postponing your credit repair or making further purchases, which can worsen your situation and tarnish your credit report, which is the key, to get new financial credibility.


Quickly apply for a new regular credit card

Quickly apply for a new regular credit card

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to get a credit card after going into personal bankruptcy, because going bankrupt is like a second chance since you can no longer go bankrupt for the next 6 years. Besides, the proper use of a credit card is one of the ways to rebuild your credit rating. Without a credit card, it can be very difficult to repair your credit. However, it is highly risky to apply for a new regular credit card. You can then apply for a so-called secure credit card which is the best option to help you restore your credit flexibly. The secured credit card with collateral is used like a conventional credit card, but it imposes a limit according to the amount that you leave as collateral in order to prevent you from falling into overdraft. In addition, each of the deposit amounts posted on your credit report. However,and learn from your financial mistakes.

Another mistake to avoid is that of cloistering yourself in your home and not living properly after going bankrupt. If you need to top up your credit and you need a car to get around and go to work, think about a personal loan or car loan which can be the solution to help you take matters into your own hands and so to overcome this bad phase .

5 Credit Collectibility Must Be Known Before Debt.

Discipline to pay the debt is obligatory. Do not be late paying even for a day or two. It could become a habit. If it has become a habit, over time even in arrears in debt. In the end the credit collectibility turned ugly.

Credit collectability can be likened to a report card at school. If the report card is good, you can move up the class. Meanwhile, if it is ugly, you are asked to do repairs first so you can move up the class.

Well, in the eyes of a bad credit collectibility bank means that you are a debtor who likes to falter in paying debts. If you just want to apply for a loan such as a KTA or KPR, the bank will definitely reject it because of your credit collectibility.

Of course this is really uncomfortable. When you were planning on wanting to have a house, uh, the mortgage proposal was rejected. Plans failed, financial goals were not achieved.

Actually, how important is credit collectability? For the answer, let’s find out in the following review.

What is credit collectability?

What is credit collectability?

The above has already been explained with what parable credit collectability is. From the definition as explained in Wikipedia, the collectibility of credit is the classification of installment or loan status along with interest.

With the credit collectibility, the bank can find out the quality of the debtor. Good Lender (BI) already regulates the quality of the credit itself listed in Good Lender (BI) Regulation No. 7/2 / PBI / 2005 concerning Asset Quality Rating for Commercial Banks.

In determining credit quality, BI refers to three assessment factors, namely:

  • Business prospect
  • Performance (performance) of the debtor
  • Ability to pay

From the above factors the bank will review in more detail. Starting from business prospects, banks see the potential for business growth, market conditions, quality of management, support from groups or affiliates, to efforts made by debtors to protect the environment.

From the debtor’s performance, the bank will analyze earnings, capital structure, cash flow, and sensitivity to market risk.

Meanwhile, from the ability to pay, banks see the accuracy of the principal and interest payments, the availability and accuracy of debtor financial information, the completeness of credit documentation, compliance with credit agreements, the appropriateness of the use of funds, to the reasonableness of the source of payment obligations.

By considering the factors above, the bank then classifies the credit quality or credit collectability of the debtor as described in the list below.

These are 5 credit collectibilities that determine the passage of a loan application

As noted in Good Lender Regulation (BI) No. 7/2 / PBI / 2005, there are five credit collectibles that are the bank’s size to approve or reject your loan application.

For personal, the credit collectibility is seen from the ability to pay the debtor. What is the credit collectability meant?

  • Quality 1 Current status, this means that debtors always pay debts on time, aka current loans.
  • Quality 2 status in Special Mention (DPK), this means the debtor is in arrears or debt payments of 1-90 days.
  • Quality 3 status of Substandard Loans, this means the debtor is in arrears in payments of installments or debts of 91-120 days.
  • Quality of 4 Doubtful statuses, this means the debtor is in arrears in payments of installments or debts of 121-180 days.
  • The quality of the status of 5 Loss, this means the debtor is in arrears in installments or debt more than 180 days.

From the list of credit collectibility above, there are credit qualities called performing loans and non-performing loans. Quality 1 is clearly called a performing loan, while quality 2, although somewhat problematic, is still a performing loan.

While quality 3 to 4 is called non-performing loan. Banks strongly avoid the existence of non-performing loans. Because the existence of non-performing loans can make banks unhealthy.

As a result, banks may lack capital to provide loans, which in turn will cause difficulties in fulfilling requests for credit or loan applications. The maximum non-performing loan (NPL) limit is 5 percent.

To see how high the credit collectability is, you can check on the Financial Information Services System (SLIK) of OJK. There you can check credit history or history in the banking language. Individual Debtor Information (IDI) Historical.

This is how to keep credit collectibility quality 1

This is how to keep credit collectibility quality 1

So that credit quality is always quality 1, there are several ways you can do it. First, always be disciplined to pay installments prematurely. Second, pay off existing debt, not to not.

Third, always use a credit card that is less than the limit and avoid making minimum payments. Fourth, apply for a loan with a maximum installment value of 30 percent of income.

That was information about credit collectibility. By knowing the information above, you become more careful in debt. Hopefully the information above is useful!

Refinance my personal loan, pay lower installments or pay it back earlier?



When we request a loan we have many doubts, we need the money but at the same time we want to get the best conditions and many times we don’t have the necessary information.

In that situation, sometimes we accept conditions that we are not aware of that will cost us to assume, and suddenly meeting the deadlines is no longer so simple, so there comes a time when we need to say stop! Let’s rethink the terms of our loan to get better ones.

What does “refinance a loan” mean?

What does "refinance a loan" mean?

When we ask for a loan, we usually feel a great relief that we can finally take care of the expenses that we had pending and that made us feel drowned. It is the perfect time to catch up with the pending expenses, however, returning the loan according to the installments set is sometimes complicated and becomes a new economic burden. That is when we need a refinancing of our personal loan to defer payment or reduce payments.

Refinancing is the renegotiation of a loan according to an extension of the term, lower fees and new interest rates that allow us to repay the loan more comfortably.

However, is it entirely positive to refinance your loan? Is it better to extend it by paying smaller fees but more interest, or higher fees with the interests initially agreed?

This is one of the most common debates in which people get lost deciding what is more economical when paying off your loan. The truth is that the fact that a loan is more expensive or cheaper depends on different factors, and one of them is time, which makes it more expensive.

Factors that determine the price of a loan

Factors that determine the price of a loan

There are several factors that depend on whether a loan is more expensive or less expensive, we show you which:

The requested amount

The requested amount

Obviously, the amount requested largely determines the price of the loan, however, the money we request has little to do with what we finally ended up paying. While it is true that online microcredits, being a very low amount, end up inflating to a large extent, if you request a loan for an amount of 30,000 you know that the money you are going to have to pay back is much higher too, since you will need more Time to return it.

  • As advice: Be cautious when asking for an amount, ask for just what you really need and do not overdo it, since that money that you request “on the margin” you will pay much more expensive than not having it at all.

The entity to which you apply for the loan

The entity to which you apply for the loan

The issuer of the loan establishes the conditions, the loans and first, if it accepts or rejects your request. Therefore, it is important to carry out research work on which entities offer better conditions. There is always an entity that favors in some factor that benefits you or that is more comfortable for your pocket, so it is important to take some time in this step.

  • As advice: It is true that some entity can benefit you, but do not rely on finding extremely beneficial conditions: They do not exist or are cheating. Be very aware of that and you will avoid falling into scams and scams.

The interest rates of your loan

The interest rates of your loan

Another very influential factor in the price of your loan is undoubtedly the famous interest rates. The most common is that you find the application of fixed rates to your loan, however, there are entities that, as in the application for mortgages, also give you the opportunity to apply variable rates for the payment of your loans.

Normally, interest rates are high in these types of financial products, so it is always better to hire the lowest rates and if possible at a fixed rate, since you will not be exposed to market variations.

  • As a tip: As in the previous section, it is important to check the rates applied in the market very well, although we recommend that you choose the lowest one, if it is noticeably lower than the rest of the competition, do not trust.

The loan repayment term

The loan repayment term

Time, as we said at the beginning of the section, is one of the main factors that defines the price of your loan. You should always keep in mind that as much as you reduce your loan installments, if you pay it for a longer time they are charging you some interest, that is, extra money, which you would save if you pay it back as soon as possible .

  • As a tip: One of the reasons that it is increasingly difficult to repay a loan is refinancing. When you refinance a loan, instead of saving the installments, what you do is raise the final price of your loan, since the money you save with each installment is more than charged in the payment of the interest rates that rise with each refinancing. Be very aware of this and your ability to pay each month.

As a final conclusion, nobody better than you to know which conditions are the most favorable, do not get carried away by a reduction of fees just because they seem more comfortable, if you know that in the long run the loan extension will mean a greater disbursement. It is even more advisable to pay it in advance, as long as you have proof that you are not penalized for the advance payment).